Create Effective Outdoor LED Signs for Schools and Colleges

The outdoor LED sign should be able to effectively draw in parents’ attention and convey your message. Through the LED sign, your goal must be seen, understood and remembered. Therefore, when designing an outdoor LED signs for schools, colleges and for educational purpose, make sure you pay keen attention to the design as well as the message.

Here are few important things to consider when designing an effective LED signage.

Size of the digital display board

Along with being easy and clear to read, the outdoor LED signs for school, colleges, and education must have big enough font so that it can easily be read by people of all age group. Rather than using all capital letters, try to use mixed case letters, as all capital letters will be difficult to read because of their uniform shape and size.

Location is important

Make sure to place the signage as close to the street as possible. Also make sure that it stands out from the surrounding in terms of size, shape, color, and height. It must be positioned at a suitable height so that it is clearly visible to the potential customers. Before putting out the board, make sure to drive past the institution from all directions to determine the best location and height for the board.

Use contrasting colors

When picking up the colors for your digital display board, make sure to choose contrasting colors. Choose dark blue on a white background and yellow on a black background. Using contrast colors improves the advertising recall. While some colors are considered high response colors others are less stimulating. Therefore, choose wisely. Also, it is important to have a proper amount of white space for increased readability.

Electronic Message Center – keep messages short

On an average, a person can read about 250 words per minute or 4 words per second. Therefore, make sure to convey your message in as few words as possible. After you have written down the message, edit it until only the important words remain. Use three or five words for the heading along with supporting information if necessary.

Explain Benefits of Digital Signs for Schools

The outdoor LED signs for schools, colleges, and education must state the benefits clearly to the customer. Tell your prospects what they are going to get. Along with the benefits you can also give out additional information, if possible.

Outdoor LED signs for schools, colleges and education come with a large number of benefits. They help you attract the attention of the countless number of people passing by and let them get their hands on important information. Moreover, the LED signs give you a chance to share special dates or community information and more.

The LED signage can be updated anytime. Moreover, the weather won’t prevent you from changing the message on the LED sign as it can be comfortably changed when sitting in your office. With advancement in technology, LED sign boards have become a rage. If you are planning to invest in an LED signboard, think about using Think Digital Signs for your purchasing.

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