Project Description

It was an amazing experience working with Mike Kasbohm and the team. They were extremely professional and always attentive to our needs. Their customer service is unmatched. What really set them apart was the way they fought for us with the city. When we started the project the city was not in favor of our sign, but Mike did not take no for an answer. He did all the foot work and brought a proposal to the city. This proposal was enough to get the city to change their policy and gave us permission to get the sign. I recommend Think Digital to anyone looking into the digital sign world.

Celebration Church in Lakeville MN was interested in saying goodbye to their old, difficult to change, 30′ tall  freestanding manual message board sign. The goal was upgrading to new outdoor LED display technology so that it could easily and instantly changed and more effectively reach and engage traffic on 35W as well as the Kenyon Ave. frontage road with a Digital Message Center capable of high resolution images and text.

The problem was that the zoning code did not permit the dynamic electronic message board to be mounted high enough or in a large enough format to safely and effectively engage the traffic on 35W.

Think Digital Signs worked with and the City of Lakeville on behalf of Celebration Church, providing valuable insight and documentation to help persuade the planning commission and city council. It took a couple years, but along with leadership members of the Church, the result was a successful amendment to the code so that they were able to install a 100% Digital Sign Face at the height and size acceptable to the city and that would be effective for the the application and to meet Celebration Church’s objectives for the sign to better communicate its mission to their surrounding community.

The LED Electronic Message Center now makes up the entire sign face with a 10′ x 15′ wide 8mm EMC Watchfire Display providing twice the space for messages and the ability to incorporate high resolution graphics into their messages.

Project Details

Install Date: September, 2021

Address: 16655 Kenyon Ave
Lakeville, MN