Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, in a collaborative effort with Think Digital Signs, embarked on a project to upgrade their signage to a more modern and communicative format. Faced with the challenge of adhering to strict city sign codes regarding height and footprint, Think Digital Signs innovatively designed a sign that placed a new high-resolution digital message center alongside the church’s identification area. This layout not only complied with the regulations but also enhanced the architectural appeal of the sign. A notable feature of the design is the use of push-through acrylic for the ‘Gloria Dei’ letters, adding a sophisticated and distinguished look. Additionally, Think Digital Signs enhanced the existing brick monument with a new stone cap, creating an overall captivating appearance. The new sign has proven to be a highly effective tool for the church, aiding in their goals to grow membership, engage with current members, and communicate their outreach ministries to the broader community. This dynamic digital sign stands as a testament to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church’s commitment to innovation and community engagement.

Project Details

Install Date: November, 2018

Address: 700 Snelling Ave S,
St. Paul, MN 55116

Display: 10mm 3’x8′ Watchfire EMC

Sign Type: Monument