SouthCross Community Church, aiming to enhance their visibility and outreach, embarked on a mission to upgrade their existing sign with a dynamic digital display. Partnering with Think Digital Signs, they navigated the constraints of a limited budget through innovative design solutions and by effectively utilizing their existing support structure. A key element of this project was the installation of a 4×10 digital display, chosen specifically to convey messages effectively to passing traffic.

In addition to addressing their own communication needs, SouthCross faced the unique challenge of promoting Sunflower Daycare, a Russian daycare that operates within the church premises during weekdays. Think Digital Signs adeptly designed a dual-purpose identification section for the sign, showcasing “Sunflower Daycare” on one side and its Russian equivalent, “Детский сад ‘Подсолнух’,” on the other. This bilingual feature not only serves the daycare’s advertising needs but the Watchfire digital message center allows them to post messages in Russian, engaging their families in a culturally relevant manner.

The outcome of this collaboration has been overwhelmingly positive for both SouthCross Community Church and Sunflower Daycare. The new sign not only serves as an effective communication tool for the church, drawing the attention of the local community, but also enhances the daycare’s ability to connect with Russian-speaking families, making it a multifaceted success.

Project Details

Install Date: October, 2018

Address: 1800 County Road 42,
Burnsville, MN 55337

Display: 16mm 4’x10′ Watchfire EMC

Sign Type: Monument