Financing Services

Turn your digital sign purchase into a monthly marketing expense that pays for itself!

When it comes to digital signage, customers often wonder, “Can we afford this?” They know it will drive ROI for their business and organization, there’s no question about that, and they know they want it. But, looking at the cost associated with paying for the sign all at once, it can create a barrier. We’ve eliminated that barrier by bringing our customers financing options that allow them to spread out the investment in their sign, creating situations where the sign can pay for itself over time.

This allows Think Digital clients to:

Maximize Cash Flow

Reap Tax Benefits

Terms to Fit Your Budget

Align Payments with Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Use a digital display even though the price isn’t covered in your budget.
  • Pay a minimum monthly amount.
  • Match the expense of the display to its use as an advertising medium.
  • Realize an immediate ROI.
  • Continue to use the display years after paying off the lease.
  • Preserve your credit line availability.
24-48 hours for most transactions.
Your sign is delivered and installed in the same way as if it was purchased.
Yes. You are responsible for all sales and use taxes and property taxes, just as if you
had purchased the digital display. But taxes can be added to your payment schedule.
Maybe. Some lease structures are tax deductible. Please consult you tax advisor.
Yes. You must provide evidence of insurance coverage and name your lender on the policy as
an additional insured and loss payee in case of loss.
Yes. You can set up the lease with an early buyout option.