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Thousands of people drive past your location in Willmar, MN every day. A digital sign will get them to stop. We work with organizations just like yours – churches, VFWs, retail, stadiums, schools, office buildings, commercial spaces – all of whom have experienced remarkable growth with the addition of a digital sign as a marketing tool. Now, it’s your turn.

Solutions for Every Need

LED Display Board For Churches

Digital LED monument signs maximize visibility and impact with our outdoor digital sign solutions designed to thrive in any weather condition. Merge innovation and sophistication with our LED digital monument signs, leaving a lasting mark on your audience in Willmar, Minnesota.

Indoor Digital Signage

Indoor LED Digital Displays

Indoor LED Digital Displays
Enhance your interior spaces with captivating indoor digital signs that inform, entertain, and leave a lasting impression. Create immersive indoor experiences with our dynamic LED indoor digital signs, perfect for captivating audiences. DVLED displays (Direct View LED) will set your space apart.

High Quality Digital Video Display Scoreboard

Score big with our digital scoreboard solutions, offering real-time engagement for sports events, promotions, and more. Elevate the excitement with our LED scoreboard options, bringing energy and dynamism to any setting. Combine the precision of a scoreboard with the brilliance of LED technology for an unbeatable visual experience.

Illuminate your message with brilliance using our outdoor LED digital sign options, combining energy efficiency with stunning visuals. Extend your message beyond conventional limits with our powerful LED outdoor digital sign solutions.

More Powerful Than Social Media and Digital Ads

Digital monument signs, indoor signs, message centers, and scoreboards all grab the attention of individuals that are already near or inside your location in Willmar, Minnesota. While social media requires your customers to be on their platform, LED digital signage creates awareness and interest without them having to be on their phone. Digital signage meets them where they’re at, providing a powerful way to boost traffic to your business with real ROI.

Your Trusted Watchfire LED Digital Signage Partner

As the #1 Watchfire LED Digital Sign Dealer in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we bring you the highest quality signs, video walls and direct view LED displays with industry-leading warranties and support.

Why Watchfire?

Watchfire is an industry leader in the LED digital sign market, offering the highest quality signs available and backing them up with industry-leading warranties and support. That’s why Think Digital Signs is so committed to our Watchfire partnership, allowing us to bring our customers the best digital sign technology available.

The Think Digital Sign Advantage:
Our Complete Process Sets Us Apart in Willmar, Minnesota


We’ll review your site, location, and objectives and suggest the appropriate type of sign, location, materials, colors, and more. When we get done, you will understand the true value of digital signage.


Think Digital Signs will guide you through the design process, and together we’ll create something you can be proud of for years to come.

3. EFFICIENT PERMITTING (Oftentimes the Most Challenging Hurdle)

Local permitting for a new sign can be a complicated and burdensome process. Our experience allows us to streamline the process and work with city and local entities on your behalf, removing the stress. We know how to work with cities to get you the digital LED sign you need and want.


Think Digital’s professional team of expert contractors ensures that your install is done right, and done on time, so your sign performs to its full potential.


Technology doesn’t have to be cumbersome or overwhelming. We support you until you’re proficient in operating your new display. Create eye-catching messages using our exclusive cloud technology, easily making updates from the office, home, and mobile.

Your Trusted Watchfire LED Digital Sign Dealer in Minnesota & Wisconsin

Why Choose Think Digital Signs?


Drive new business by advertising to the local traffic that is already driving past your location every day.


LED signage offers a high volume of impressions at a low cost compared to other marketing options.


Cloud technology allows you to change your digital sign message easily, as often as you like, to engage customers.


Stay in front of existing customers and keep them coming back.


Our digital sign solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including churches, VFWs, retail, schools, office buildings, and commercial establishments. Any business looking to enhance visibility and engage their audience can benefit.
LED digital signs offer dynamic content, high visibility, and cost-effective advertising. They are energy-efficient, provide high-resolution displays, and allow for easy content changes to keep your messaging current.
LED signage offers a high volume of impressions at a lower cost compared to traditional marketing channels. The return on investment (ROI) is substantial, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking impactful advertising.
Yes, our cloud technology enables you to change your message easily and as often as you like. We provide support until you’re proficient in operating your display, allowing you to create eye-catching messages from various locations.
Our free site location analysis helps you understand your traffic counts and potential exposure. It’s a crucial step in determining the impact and benefits of a digital sign for your business.
The timeline varies based on the complexity of the project. Our comprehensive design/build process includes an on-site survey, concept and design, permitting, and installation. We strive for efficiency without compromising quality.
As the #1 Watchfire LED Digital Sign Dealer in Minnesota, we prioritize quality and reliability. Watchfire is an industry leader, providing high-quality signs with industry-leading warranties and support.
Think Digital Signs provides ongoing support to ensure you are proficient in operating your new display. Our professional team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.
Local permitting can be complicated, but our experienced team streamlines the process, working with city and local entities on your behalf to alleviate stress and ensure compliance.

Absolutely! We have many lease-to-own options! Let us show you the numbers and discuss leasing options for a new sign. Leasing provides a cost-effective way to benefit from digital signage without the upfront capital investment.

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