Incarnation Church, seeking to modernize their iconic signage while preserving its classic aesthetic, partnered with Think Digital Signs for this unique project. The church’s original sign, known for its distinctive design resting on two stone columns mirroring the church’s roof, required a contemporary upgrade without losing its traditional charm. Think Digital Signs skillfully crafted a solution that retained the exact footprint of the existing sign, seamlessly integrating a state-of-the-art digital message center into its center. This innovative blend of old and new delighted Incarnation Church, providing them with a visually appealing and effective communication tool. The new sign not only continues to symbolize the church’s heritage but also actively engages both its members and the wider community with dynamic and current messaging.

Project Details

Install Date: June, 2018

Address: 4880 Hodgson Rd,
St Paul, MN 55126

Display: 16mm 2’x7′ Watchfire EMC

Sign Type: Monument