Mike Kasbohm’s initial, detailed analysis of the proposed site for our sign was instrumental in getting the school’s approval to go ahead with the project. Think Digital’s pricing was also significantly better than the other option we were considering. And despite the challenges we had to work through, Mike and Matt stayed the course with us to deliver a sign that fits our needs well.

Mayer Lutheran High School came to Think Digital Signs for consultation on their plans for a new outdoor freestanding digital monument sign to replace their portable manual message board and take advantage of the technology available to better engage with the surrounding community and the many vehicles passing by everyday.

A couple hurdles surfaced.  The first was uncovered during the Site Analysis provided by Think Digital Signs. It appeared Mayer Lutheran HS had already used all the allowable sign square footage (that had previously been attained by way of a variance) for their property. However, with a deep dive into the city code, a solution was uncovered. In some circumstances, where there are two or more contiguous lots or the owner of a single with two or more buildings, a 25% bonus in sign squared footage could be awarded under a “Common Sign Plan”. The city agreed, and the bonus provided more than enough for the recommended Electronic Message Center and copy area.

The second hurdle came during the permitting process, when new property lines and easements from a roundabout/road construction project complicated finding the installation location of the sign to meet setback requirements while also optimizing the lines-of-site of the EMC (electronic message center) to traffic.

Think Digital Signs successfully worked in concert with representatives of the city and Mayer Lutheran HS, and the end result speaks (and displays) for itself.

Project Details 

Install Date: February, 2023

Address: 306 7th St NE  
Mayer, MN