Think Digital Signs was awarded the SMC Construction project with our submission that incorporated SMC’s logo into a one-of-a-kind crane design that suspends the digital display at the end of the boom.

Balancing the size and scope of the project required to effectively reach the abundant traffic on Highway 65 with impactful messaging and meeting SMC’s budget goals was key.

This project required some interesting engineering and interaction with the city, and is Think Digital Sign’s most unique and challenging design to date. A 10mm resolution 5′ x 10′ Watchfire LED display, along with its proprietary cloud-based OPx software, provides an easy-to-use integrated system for bright, clear, and easy-to-read messages.

After so many attempts to get a sign that will not only function but be a statement of who we are and what we do, I sat down with Think Digital Signs and said hey, here is the deal, if you will think outside the box and design something that will be a wow factor you’ve got this job. Think Digital Signs went to work on designs and knocked it out of the park!!!
Sinan Music, Partner, SMC Construction

Project Details

Install Date: January, 2020

Address: 8465 Plaza Blvd. NE
Spring Lake Park, MN

Display: 10mm 5’x10′ Watchfire EMC

Sign Type: Free Standing Pole Sign